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The park ave suite

Light, bright, and quite a sight. The Park Ave Suite is a stunning spot for you to get ready for any event. With its wall of windows, you'll have park views to keep you company while getting prepared with family and friends. This suite includes a private full bathroom is set with authentic 1920's tile and hardware to show off Edgewood's one-of-a-kind charm. The room also has a specific dressing room, perfect for a private wardrobe change or a grand reveal. You'll feel right a home with a closet that doubles as a refreshment area, so you won't have any unsightly items for your inevitable photo session.


Whether it's the first look for the lovely couple, a private area for a toast and a quick bite, or just an area for watch family and friends await the big day; this light-filled room features a stretch of windows and quaint sitting area to take a load off. The room highlighted with a custom wall installation that features any knick-knacks you'd like to display for fabulous detail photos.

The park suite

The Park Suite: a sanctuary of sylvan serenity. The original master bedroom suite is now an exclusive space for your selected party to prepare for (and retreat from) the festivities downstairs. Ample seating and modern amenities have been carefully selected to graciously accommodate discerning brides, grooms, and attendants. Nine artfully-dressed windows unveil views of the embracing hills of Hot Springs National Park. The suite also boasts an intimate dressing room, perfect for a private wardrobe change or a grand reveal. An additional closet houses a refreshment bar and secure storage for personal items. With its original 1920's mosaic floors, antique bath hardware, and fields of white subway tile, the ensuite bathroom mimics its contemporary bathhouses on Historic Central Avenue.


A hall of windows, perfect for a couple’s First Look, a private toast and a quick bite, and a serene spot to watch family and friends gather for festivities in the courtyard. A custom wall installation from the mid-century addition can be used to display personal photos and meaningful items, creating photographic details unique to each couple.


Dressed in emerald faceted wallpaper and vibrant floral fabric, the Crystal Room is an energetic space for client consultation. Its lavish colors and brilliant natural light create dynamic vignettes for portraits.

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